Free Comic Book Day – This Saturday!

FREE comic book day. Need I say more? This Saturday, May 3rd participating comic book stores will be giving out free comics + more. Depending on your shop, for example one shop by my home has 20% off the entire store. Pretty sweet right?

Use the Store Locator to see which comic book store around you participates in this awesome event!

Being a Huge Star_ Fan…

… I thought I’d share this video regarding gamers who broadcast their gameplay and some for a living too.

Star_ is mentioned in this article by the Boston Globe… even some photos of the mysterious Star_ oooOOooo. It mentions that he does YouTube full-time and some other things he uses to record. Steve aka Star_ is self deprecating and mentions that if a lousy player like himself can do this, there’s a business for e-sports. Pretty cool!

Photo is from article too.

If You Backed Oculus’s Kickstarter… Are You Rich?

Not necessarily, this article by The Verge goes into this topic.

Photo Source

Kickstarter doesn’t allow its creators to offer equity and never will. Oculus could offer its donors a pair of digital eyes but no stock. This reminds me of Razer how they offer donors who backed their kickstarter a significant discount on the Razer Blade Gaming Laptop.

Thought I’d share this interesting article now that Oculus is in the news more after Facebook acquired them.